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What We Offer

Customised support to leaders and teams


We enable leadership teams to step back and focus on their purpose, clarify strategy, identify key priorities and consider how they can work better together. Through benchmarked diagnostics, personal interviews and team coaching we can bring clarity and progress.

We offer facilitated workshops addressing key leadership development topics and executive coaching to release leadership potential.​ We seek to build long term relationships in order to help sustain the influence of leaders and enable them to leave a lasting legacy.

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Bearing the responsibility of leading in a company, public body or charity can be a tough job for anyone to handle and our purpose at Hibbards Leadership Consultancy is to support you and enable your best. Leaders can benefit greatly from confidential opportunities to reflect, adjust and implement. Our discrete, insightful and personal coaching approach is greatly appreciated.

Executive Coaching


We facilitate conversations within teams to align on priorities, wrestle with the complexity of interactions and stand with you through the implementation of challenging plans. We enable greater cohesion that can help build high value creating teams.

As part of the Resilience at Work Global Network we offer a range of diagnostic tools to enable reflection on the state of a team’s resilience so essential for sustained performance and success.

We are qualified interpersonal mediators whose goal is to enable you to transition from conflict towards healthy working relationships, an increasing challenge in diverse, multicultural, international and virtual teams.

Systemic Coaching
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